Terms and Conditions of Hire

We agree to hire the Equipment detailed on the Quotation (and/or) Invoice to you on these Terms and Conditions of Hire and any other supplementary terms noted on the Quotation / Invoice and supplied with the Equipment.


  1. In this agreement “we/us/our” refers to Polkadot Pizzazz Parties & Entertainment Services trading as Polkadot Party Hire and “you/your” refers to the customer whose name and details appear on the invoice and/or any other person representing the customer and acting on his/her
  2. “Equipment” refers inclusively to any and all items hired to you by us.

Hire Period

  1. Hire of Equipment is on a “same day”
  2. The hire period will commence from the time the Equipment is delivered by us to your premises or the nominated location of the event, or the time of scheduled collection from our collection point. The hire period shall terminate upon collection of the goods by us or return of the goods by you to our premises at the agreed time.

Hire Charges

  1. The minimum order value is AED 200 for pickup or AED 1000 for delivery.
  2. You will pay the hire charges as detailed on the Quotation or Invoice in return for hiring the Equipment from any delay in returning the Equipment by the scheduled or agreed time will incur additional hire charges.
  3. If you delay returning the Equipment at the agreed time and it is booked by another client, you agree to pay the additional hire charges plus the value of the other clients Booking which we are unable to fulfil due to the delay in return.
  4. Extra charges will apply for extension of time for any crew-based services on a AED 100 per hour (or part thereof) basis, for example for extension of time for Snack Kiosks.

Refundable Bond

  1. We reserve the right to charge a Refundable Bond on any booking irrespective of the number of items hired or the value of such items. A Refundable Bond if applicable will be detailed on the Quotation /
  2. The Bond is payable with the Invoiced amount for the Booking and will be refunded to you within three days of the Equipment being returned clean, in good order and working condition with no missing pieces or parts.
  3. If the Equipment is not returned in accordance with these conditions, we will retain part or whole of the Bond.
  4. If the Bond payment is not sufficient to cover the cost of cleaning, repair or replacement of the Equipment, you agree to pay the remaining cost, which will be invoiced to you and charged automatically via your previous payment.

Deposit / Booking Confirmation

  1. Full payment is required upon confirming the Booking if the total amount is less than AED 1000 or if the party date is less than ten days in advance.
  2. For Bookings more than 10 days in advance, we will Invoice you 50% as an advance payment to confirm the Booking.
  3. Balance payment is due no later than three days in advance of the party date and you authorise us to process the balance payment directly to your original method of payment unless you advise us of an alternative

Cancellation & Amendment

  1. Bookings can be amended ONLY up to three days prior to the event
  2. Cancellation more than one week ahead of the event date will be refunded in full
  3. Any cancellation within one week of the event date is charged at 50% of the Booking
  4. Any cancellation within three days of the event date will be charged the full Booking
  5. The reason for the cancellation is irrelevant, this incudes cancellation due to sickness or poor weather
  6. Date changes / postponement can be made based on future availability with no penalty provided we are advised at least one day in advance of the party date.
  7. In the event of a technical or equipment failure that cannot be rectified, we will make every effort to substitute Equipment where possible however cannot guarantee replacement products will be Our liability in this event is limited to a full or partial refund of applicable hire charges.

Payments & Refunds

  1. We accept payments in AED (UAE Dirham)
  2. All Payments must be made via e-payment through our online payment We will send you a link via email to make the payment. We do not accept cash payments on the day.
  3. Once payment is made, the confirmation notice will be sent to you via email within 24hrs of receipt of payment.
  4. Refundable Bond refunds will be processed online to the cardholders
  5. Bond charges or charges for missing or damaged items or extension of time services will be Invoiced to you and you authorise us to process this directly to the client / cardholders original method of payment. This process may result in multiple postings to the cardholders account.
  6. Refunds due to cancellation will be done only through the original mode of payment and will be processed within 10 to 45 days depends on the issuing bank of the credit card.
  7. We do not accept Refunds for any hired items not used unless the item is faulty or not fit for purpose. See “Customers Responsibilities” section below.
  8. The payment gateway is responsible for verification of card payments and may for anti-fraud reasons, request us to undertake identity In this situation we will request a copy of your Emirates ID and the front side of the card used for the transaction. We do not request your security number from the back of the card nor your PIN number under any circumstances.
  9. We do not receive your full card details from the payment gateway and we do not store these in any way.

Delivery and Pick-up

  1. For Bookings over AED 1000 to residential premises we deliver and set up for free within Dubai.
  2. We deliver your items in one shipment only, allowing time prior to the party for We are unable to offer multiple shipments / deliveries on the same day.
  3. For Hotels and other Commercial locations, including residential premises situated within Hotel buildings or premises, we charge a Delivery Surcharge where it is deemed that the delivery will be complex or time consuming.
  4. For locations outside Dubai, a Delivery Surcharge will apply based on the location.
  5. We will pre-arrange delivery and pick-up dates and times with you. If for any reason you are not available or present at the pre-agreed time, please notify us well in advance to allow alternative arrangements.
  6. If there is disruption to the delivery or pick-up process caused by you, a fee of AED 100 will apply for a rescheduled delivery or pick-up.

Specific Conditions for Outdoor Cinema Hire

  1. The outdoor cinema can only be used at night or once the sun has gone down.
  2. The inflatable cinema screen must not be sat on, jumped on or climbed on in any way.  The centre screen must be not be touched or marked in any way.
  3. You agree to provide your chosen movie fully downloaded onto a device that is HDMI enabled and we will provide the HDMI cable to connect to the projector.
  4. Our normal pickup time for the Cinema is 9pm. If you require later than this, please request at the time of Booking. An additional charge of AED 200 will apply for any pickup after 10.00pm.
  5. We will provide an extension cable of up to 10 metres in length. If the power source for the projector and speaker is located more than 10 metres from the desired location of the Cinema, you agree to provide an appropriate extension cable for this purpose.
  6. In the event of a technical or equipment failure that cannot be rectified, we will make every effort to substitute Equipment where possible however cannot guarantee replacement products will be Our liability in this event is limited to a full or partial refund of applicable hire charges.

Specific Conditions for Luxury Sleepover Hire

  1. Sleepovers are to be used indoors only and are not permitted to be set up or moved outdoors under any way.
  2. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the area for the Sleepover setup is sufficient as space measurements required per child are advised in the Booking email.
  3. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the area for the Sleepover setup is clear and free of any furniture, objects or Our team cannot move your furniture for you, this is not part of the service we offer.
  4. In the event that our team arrive to setup and the area is not available, we will reschedule your setup to a later time and this will incur additional charges for second delivery.

Customers Responsibilities

  1. You agree to carefully inspect the Equipment when it is delivered or collected and if there is any damage or missing items to advise us immediately. We cannot accept responsibility for shortages or claims after you have taken procession.
  2. You are responsible for ensuring that the Equipment is suitable for the age and skills of the children using them. You must ensure that all children using any Equipment supplied by us are supervised at all times.
  3. You must take proper care of the Equipment and indemnify us against any damage or loss.
  4. You agree to set-up, use and dismantle the Equipment in accordance with the instructions for use provided by us (where applicable).

Damage to Property and/or Person

  1. You accept responsibility for the loss or accidental damage to property and/or injury to any person/s resulting from the set-up, use or operation, and dismantling of our Equipment and indemnify us from any claims that may arise from any person/s.
  2. Any damage that can be repaired will be done so cost-chargeable to client.
  3. If any Equipment is stolen, destroyed or irreparably damaged from any cause whatsoever, you will pay the replacement value as determined by us and invoiced to the original mode of payment.
  4. If individual parts are missing or lost, the cost of part or whole product will be chargeable.
  5. These conditions apply irrespective of whether our crew are in attendance (including but not limited to serving in Kiosks or assisting with Technical Equipment).
  6. An Administration fee will apply to any Damage or Shortage Charges, minimum AED 50 and may be higher depending on the complexity of time and costs incurred in arranging the repair or replacement.
  7. Any damage or shortages will be identified by our team within three days of the return of the Equipment, and advised to you as soon as practical. We cannot undertake to show you any damage before we leave your premises.

Privacy Policy

  1. The terms and conditions outlined in our “Privacy Policy” displayed on the com website form part of the Terms and Conditions of Hire.

Website Terms of Use

  1. The terms and conditions outlined in our “Website Terms of Use” displayed on the com website form part of the Terms and Conditions of Hire.


  1. We reserve the right to amend or update these terms and conditions as required.

Jurisdiction for Dispute

  1. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this contract, including any question regarding its existence, validity or termination, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Dubai International Financial Centre.
  2. This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of Dubai, United Arab