Outdoor Cinema Screen


Bring the big screen home to your very own garden!  You can rent our Outdoor Cinema Package, complete with large inflatable Cinema Screen, high quality Projector, Projector Stand, Speaker and all cables, and have a movie night at home in the comfort and privacy of your own garden or courtyard.

Our Large white fully airtight inflatable screens (4m long x 3m high) are custom designed for us and are unique in the region. There is no blower needed to be running throughout your movie.  Complete the experience with our add-on beanbag package for a laid back and casual vibe.

Add in one of our Pop-up Snack food kiosks (Salted Popcorn and Candy Floss) and you’re almost done! The only thing left is to fire up your HDMI-enabled laptop or media device with your film of choice. Couldn’t be easier.

Also a great way to watch the big game or other major sporting event on the big screen. Can also be used for avid gamers looking for an extra special gaming experience.

NOTE: It has to be dark to watch the cinema, so please take note of sunset timings when planning your Cinema Night.
Very important: Your movie should be FULLY DOWNLOADED onto an HDMI enabled device (laptop, media player, etc) to connect to our projector. It should not be streaming over WIFI.

Extra charges apply for late night pickups. Delivery charges extra dependent upon location.